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El Paso Border Folk Festival

Experience The Music That Makes Our Border Culture Unique!

The conference creates a folk festival atmosphere, and opens its doors to students involved in school/community music programs. While the conference is mariachi music based, it is through a variety of music genres that we carry out our objective of exposing students to a broader understanding of music theory, proficiency of technique, stage performance, and the further development of music appreciation. Not only does the music conference provide an educational component, it also offers students the opportunity to network and discover what their peers are doing in other schools and cities. In 2018, students were exposed to Grammy-nominated Jeremy Kittel, American fiddler, violinist and composer from Brooklyn. Kittel led an ear training workshop for our students, and was part of our concert lineup with his Jeremy Kittel Trio. The conference also featured Enrique Ponce, film and video game composer, who spoke to our students about composing, video games, technology and how those worlds collide. The 2019 conference is on target to be our best conference yet! Our website is still under construction, and will have registration up within the next couple of weeks. If you're ready to register now, email us at and we'll provide registration forms.